Solar Eclipse  June 2021
Eclipse solar 2021 by Babak Tafreshi

Solar Eclipse  June 2021

The solar eclipse of June 2021, as seen from Spain and from La Palma has been partial and with a very modest coverage. This eclipse was best seen in northern Europe and North America and especially from the Arctic.

In the Arctic (Canada, Greenland and northeastern Russia) it was annular in shape but at lower latitudes, it only looked as if the moon was taking a bite out of the sun. The further south, the smaller the “bite”. So from the Canary Islands, it was hardly noticeable, not even the brightness of the sun changed, while in the Arctic it suddenly went dark.


Eclipse solar Babak Tafreshi
Solar Eclipse by Babak Tafreshi*(see below)*. Source:**

What is a solar eclipse?

Solar eclipses occur when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, obscuring the image of the Sun. As the orbits of planets are elliptical, the Earth-Moon and Earth-Sun (and therefore Sun-Moon) distances are not always the same. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the Moon is too far away from us to completely block out the Sun, leaving a circle of light around it. However, if they are closer together, a total solar eclipse is possible.


Diagrama eclipse solar
Solar eclipse diagram with a A) total eclipse, B) Annular eclipse and C) Partial Eclipse. Source: wikipedia.

* Please remember that for the observation of any solar eclipse you will need approved eye protection. Never look at the sun directly or using home-made accesories.

When will we see another eclipse from Spain?

The last partial solar eclipse visible in Spain occurred on 21 August 2017, albeit in poor conditions as it occurred at sunset and it was difficult to see. The next one will be seen on 25 October 2022, but only visible in the northeast of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands. To see a total solar eclipse we will have to wait until 12 August 2026, followed by another on 2 August the following year. And these last two will be spectacular. And of course, we will be prepared.


**Babak Tafreshi is a National Geographic photographer. @NatGeo photographer of night wonders from Earth to the universe | The World at Night founder @twanight saving our night sky Official website: Babak Tafreshi has come to La Palma on many, many occasions. Since 2013, he is the instructor of our AstroMaster La Palma. Next editions in October 2021 and May 2022.