Visit the Observatory in La Palma

A day visit to the Observatory in La Palma (Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory) or stargazing in La Palma are probably the highlights on the island. The whole island is, after all, an UNESCO Reserve that protects the quality and natural darkness of the sky.

You may book your visit on this webpage. But please read the conditions carefully.

Summary for day Visits

  • Guided visits (mornings only) are allowed but limited.
  • Visits include an overview of the installations of the Observatory and also entrance to one of the professional telescopes.
  • Booking well in advance is strongly recommended. Click below (squared area) for info and reservations.
  • If it is fully booked: it will read “The activity is not available“. You may add your name to a waiting list here.
  • The cost of ticket is 9 EUR per person (for over 6 years old only).
  • No night visits allowed or stargazing on the premises (for stargazing see below).
  • Tickets excludes transport
  • Note that visits are weather dependant. See conditions on link below.
  • Telescopes open for visits usually are the Gran Telescopio de Canarias, the William Herschel Telescope or Telescopio Nazionale Galileo.


Stargazing in La Palma

However, for stargazing in La Palma and observe with your own eyes a spectacular sky, you will need to book an astronomy tour. Reservations: here.


For reservations and further info for the day visits to the Observatory please access the link below. If there are no places left on your preferred date or if it reads “The activity is not available” (meaning that there are no longer  VACANCIES for morning visits to the Observatory), you may add your name to a waiting  LIST  for notifications.


Groups please email us a request here:

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