The LaPalmastars team has finally!! met to check the health & safety protocol due to the covid19 to allow us to make the appropriate changes before reopening. It has been a pleasure to meet again

After a few months closed due to confinement and the State of Alarm (covid19), we are preparing for the reopening. In a few days we will have finished our own health protocols and those of

Notice: We will be closed for the next few days. In La Palma there are few cases of covid19, but public health is everyone’s responsibility! We want to stargaze safely (and that you enjoy it!).

Contrary to what one might think, planets are not visible every night. It depends on the position of the Earth relative to the Sun and the planet. They are not always there, every night. If

AstroLaPalma is now part of the Product Club of the La Palma Biosphere World Reserve. The Award was given in  La Palma (November 2019) at the Anniversary of the creation of the Biosphere Reserve. The

The island of La Palma, “the beautiful island” of the Canary Islands is one of the best places in the world for stargazing. It is not necessary to be an expert if you wish to

The astromaster is an intensive workshop about landscape night photography, was created and is organised by Ana García Suárez, astroentrepenour and CEO of AstroLaPalma SL and It includess methods for planning and photographying landscape

Last week, we participated again at the Interreg Night Light program (link here), sharing experiences in the fight against light pollution and the development of Astroturism with the European partners of the program. This is

The Geminids are, along with the Perseids, the biggest meteor shower of the year. They are less known than the Perseids, perhaps because they take place in December, but the frequency and speed of the

We have a comet in sight, comet 46P/Wirtanen will visit us in December! In very dark places such as La Palma, you may see it naked eye. Although its apparent size will barely exceed the