Solar Eclipse  June 2021 The solar eclipse of June 2021, as seen from Spain and from La Palma has been partial and with a very modest coverage. This eclipse was best seen in northern Europe

The astromaster is an intensive workshop about landscape night photography, was created and is organised by Ana García Suárez, astroentrepenour and CEO of AstroLaPalma SL and It includess methods for planning and photographying landscape

The AstroMaster La Palma workshop for landscape astrophotography opens for registration once again. This VII edion is once again an opportunity to join a world-leading astrophotographer Babak Tafreshi (TWAN and National Geographic) for a 7-day

Congrega a más de una quincena de fotógrafos de 8 países bajo la tutoría del fundador de la asociación internacional TWAN, Babak Tafreshi El curso para profesionales Astromaster volverá a poner a La Palma en