Astromaster worshop 2019 ends

The seventh edition of the AstroMaster La Palma has ended this sunday 2nd June and once again has been a success. The AstroMaster is an international workshop about landscape night photography. This edition, has put  once again La Palma on the spot for astronomy due to its international scope. A total a 14 participants from countries such as Japan, USA, UK, Italy, Mexico and Argentina,  have learned from the most reknown astrophotographer in the world: Babak Tafreshi (The World at Night,TWAN and a National Geographic photographer).

The astromaster is an intensive workshop created and organised by Ana García Suárez, astroentrepenour and CEO of AstroLaPalma SL and, which includess methods for planning and photographying landscape night photography, processing pictures, time-lapse and background astronomy.

Here we show you the first processed image produced at the workshop…and many more to come. The image credit is for Alex Martin from USA. We also add all the articles on local newspapers about the AstroMaster La Palma, 2019 edition.  Images from previous editions has been published in International Astronomy Magazines such as “Astronomy” or the National Geographic.

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“Without any doubts, the astromaster is a relevant for the level of expertise, but also promotionally of the island of La Palma. We are now known, not just for the astronomy at the Observatory at the Roque de Los Muchachos but for the astrotourismo and fantastic nightscape photography”, said Ana García.