Visits to Tajogaite volcano
Erupction Tajogaite Cumbre Nueva La Palma

Visits to Tajogaite volcano, in Cumbre Nueva (La Palma).

The Tajogaite volcano, the new volcano on the island of La Palma, is open to restricted visits and only with guided accompaniment. This offers the possibility to get approximately 1 km closer to the cone and to see the effect of the eruption, the volcanic cone, the lava flows and how the surrounding vegetation is recovering. In addition, the guides during the visit to the Tajogaite volcano offer detailed information to help you understand the volcanism of the Canary Islands in a simple way. Reservations for visits (in English from 1st October): visits to the volcano.


Foto del Volcán Cumbre Vieja, erupción 2021.

Foto del Volcán Cumbre Vieja, erupción 2021.


To access the volcano you have to walk 2.5 km (5 km total) with 4 explanatory stops. The experience is unique and memorable. There is no similar experience in the whole country. It is an experience not to be missed….


Volcán Tajogaite en erupoción


Volcán Tajogaite.

The Tajogaite volcano, originally called Cumbre Vieja, is a volcano located in the municipality of El Paso on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands. It originated in the eruption that started on 19 Sept 2021, after an initial phase of 25 000 small earthquakes that hit the island for eight days. It stopped on 13 December of the same year, after 85 days of activity, being the longest historical eruption recorded on La Palma and the third longest in the Canary archipelago, and the most recent volcano in the Spanish terrestrial geography.

The volcano has a height of 1120 m above sea level, but the main cone is approximately 200 m high. Apart from this main mouth, the Tajogaite volcano complex has 6 aligned craters. The main crater has a major axis of 172 metres and a minor axis of 106 metres.


* This is how the volcano’s lava flows appear now. They have affected 10% of the island’s territory. Full Drone images of the lava flows here:

* Reportaje del National Geographic durante la erupción:


Volcan Tajogaite, Cumbre Vieja. Coladas eruptivas superpuestas en La Palma
Volcan Tajogaite, Cumbre Vieja. Coladas eruptivas superpuestas en La Palma

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