AstroLaPalma participates in the ‘Night Sky Quality – Astrotourism Conference’.
‘Jornada de Calidad del Cielo Nocturno - Astroturismo’

The ‘La Palma Smart Island’ project, under the Digital Transformation Service of the Island Council of La Palma, held the ‘Night Sky Quality and Astrotourism Conference’ on April 18th at the Smart Office in Santa Cruz de La Palma, coinciding with the celebration of the 17th anniversary of the Starlight Declaration.

The event featured various speakers from the astrotourism field, including our company, AstroLaPalma (, addressing key topics related to the protection of the night sky and astrotourism, highlighting the efforts made on the island to safeguard our sky.

During the presentation, Ana García, CEO of AstroLaPalma, addressed various issues such as the beginnings of astrotourism in La Palma chronologically or astrophotography, among others. Additionally, during the closing session, we engaged in discussions with other speakers in a roundtable and subsequent question-and-answer session. Among the speakers present with whom I had the opportunity to share this experience were Antonio González, Astrotourism Technician from SODEPAL; Federico de La Paz, head of the Technical Office for Sky Protection (OTPC); and Antonia Varela, manager of the Starlight Foundation. Furthermore, the event was moderated by Juan Bermejo, head of the Digital Transformation Department of the Island Council of La Palma.

From AstroLaPalma, we would like to express our gratitude to ‘La Palma Smart Island’ for inviting us to participate and for continuing to promote astrotourism on the island, highlighting the sky of La Palma and conveying to the population the efforts made both by the authorities and by companies themselves to preserve and protect our sky.

‘Jornada de Calidad del Cielo Nocturno - Astroturismo’