Special awards received in 2020
Travellers' Choice 2020 en Tripadvisor

Special awards received in 2020.

We are pleased to announce the Special awards we have received for our work in 2020. It is an honour to have such distinctions and we will always keep working towards improving the quality of our activities.

Here is the summary of awards and recognitions and received in 2020. Without a doubt, 2020 has been an unusual year. The covid pandemic has forced us to reduce our activities as there have been travel restrictions. Even so, astronomically the year has been very interesting and it has given us the opportunity to observe rare phenomena (Special Events Summary 2020), as well as spending  quite a while updating. Below, we highlight some of the acknowledgements received in 2020.


This awards add to those ones we already have. You may see the full list in our description of “Who we are“. We are proud to work towards Sustainable Tourism, after all we joined the project of Biosphere Reserve in La Palma in 2019.

 ‘Responsible Tourism’ Distintive awarded by the Ministery of Spain form Industriy, Comerce & Turism

Distintivo ‘Responsible Tourism’
‘Responsible Tourism’ Distintive

Travellers’ Choice 2020 in Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice 2020 en Tripadvisor
Coautora del libro Tematización en Astroturismo. Manual Práctico de Diseño de Experiencias (In Spanish, ISBN: 978-84-87664-99-1)

Portada Manual de Experiencias de Astroturismo.
Manual de Experiencias de Astroturismo – Author.