Award given at Biosphere Reserve in La Palma

AstroLaPalma is now part of the Product Club of the La Palma Biosphere World Reserve. The Award was given in  La Palma (November 2019) at the Anniversary of the creation of the Biosphere Reserve. The Award is a distinction as we promote the knowledge and the enjoyment of the Natural Heritage from the point of view of sustainable development. As we have been doing before, we will continue working to enjoy the sky and the observation of stars on the island of La Palma with the least environmental impact, in a fun and entertaining way, but being rigorous with astronomy. To do this, we are going to introduce some more changes in the way we work to reduce even more our carbon footprint.

Award Club Producto Reserva de la Biosfera La Palma











The island of La Palma has been a Biosphere Reserve since 2002. It is an island of contrasts: a miniature continent, with a great diversity of ecosystems and landscapes including starry landscapes. La Palma is known as the ‘bonita island’ for its flora, which constitutes 904 species of which 20% are endemic.

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