Astronomy viewpoints and sites to stargaze
Sitio de interés astronómico. Faro y Salinas de Fuencaliente, La Palma

Astronomy viewpoints and sites to stargaze are easy to find following the map below. La Palma has a network of 16 astronomical viewpoints and a large number of sites of astronomical interest that allow visitors to stargaze as well enjoying sunsets, sunrises and landscape photography… The astronomy viewpoints and sites of interest for stargazing are simple but very useful infrastructures to enjoy watching the stars.

We have also added here some sites of astronomical interest that are worth visiting, such as the Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory. Please note that the Astrophysical Observatory of La Palma is not open at night. However, you can access one of the visits of the Observatory in the mornings or simply enjoying the views the Observatory from the outside. Reservations for the Observatory visits can be made here (note: there may be restrictions due to covid19).

The viewpoints are located in different areas of the island, at different heights above sea level and orientation. In such a way that the user can adapt to the weather that day and the microclimates of the island.

Each viewpoint has interpretative panels on subjects related to astronomy, observation of the night sky, observation of the moon, recognition of the main constellations and stars such as the North star (Polaris star), etc. In addition, the astronomical viewpoints have parking facilities.

We recommend:

  •  red torch (never white).
  • When approaching the viewpoints, please be careful with the lights of your vehicle.
  • Warm clothing, even in summer.

Map of the viewpoints and astronomy sites of interest to stargaze in La Palma.

Lists of sites (in bold those considered more interesting):

  • Mirador San Bartolo (Puntallana)
  • Mirador del Molino (Barlovento)
  • Mirador Montaña Buracas (Garafía)
  • Mirador de Miraflores (Puntagorda)
  • Mirador La Muralla (Tijarafe)
  • Mirador Amateur Pico de la Cruz (Km31 on road Lp4)
  • Mirador al Infinito (Km31 on road Lp4)
  • Mirador Barranco del Carmen (Santa Cruz de La Palma)
  • Mirador Parque de Los Álamos (Breña Alta)
  • Mirador Llano de Las Ventas (Breña Baja)
  • Mirador Llano del Jable (El Paso)
  • Mirador Montaña Las Toscas (Mazo)
  • Mirador Volcán de San Antonio (Fuencaliente)
  • Mirador de Mendo (El Paso), closed to the public due to construction work.
  • Mirador de Las Hoyas (Los Llanos de Aridane)
  • Mirador San Borondón (Tazacorte)
  • Astronomical site of interest – Observatorio del Roque de Los Muchachos.
  • Astronomical site of interest – Faro de Fuencaliente (lighthouse).