I see the meeting point for the stargazing tours is in Los Cancajos, Could I please change it to the viewing site??

Meeting point is in our office in Los Cancajos. We have chosen this option after years of experience. We honestly think this is the best option. Even if you are staying on another side of the island or if you want to make the most of your time in La Palma, our office is the best option for the meeting point. This is because our office has electricity, mobile signal, street lights and it is in an easy-to-find location whereas astronomy viewpoints have no lights, very poor (or none) mobile signal and are dark (we are going to stargaze!!). So we honestly think, we need to guide you there even for self-drive options. Do not worry, roads are fine and safe (no 4×4 needed), only that you do not know them! Besides, we do want to meet you and chances are that, by meeting in the mountain in the dark, we would miss each other. We would think it would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

Also, please consider that, our activities are weather dependant. By meeting in our office we have more chances to be flexible and to adapt to weather conditions (clouds and microclimates). We do not always go to the same site to stargaze. Viewing sites chosen depending on weather conditions exclusively. We would go to the best site each night.