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Astronomy Tour: stargazing

Guided activity for the observation of night sky and stars with telescopes in La Palma.

Evening Panoramic route North and Observatory

Guided activity for the night observation of sky.

Photo Tour: Nightscapes

A guided photo tour to explore and enjoy the landscapes and the night sky of La Palma

Rental of portable telescopes

We offer the rental of portable telescopes, cameras and some accessories. To choose the instrument you want, please complete the following form with your preferred dates.

Stars, astronomy and history: Magellan’s route

Tale of how astronomy has forged the history of La Palma

VII Astromaster La Palma 2020

Advanced Timelapse Imaging & Processing. Landscape Astrophotography on La Palma – Canary Islands with Babak Tafreshi (TWAN and National Geographic) for a 7-day workshop including trips to various parts of La Palma.

“Tapas” and Stars

This activity combines tapas with astronomy in the incomparable setting of the San Antonio Volcano and its visitor center.