Recomendaciones covid-19

UPDATE COVID-19: 23/06/2021.

Masken sind bei unseren Aktivitäten auch bis auf weiteres im Freien vorgeschrieben. Das liegt unteranderm daran, dass es manchmal, trotz unserer Warnungen, nicht möglich ist, einen sicheren Abstand innerhalb einer Gruppe einzuhalten, aber vor allem liegt es daran, dass Geräte, wie z. B. Teleskope, gemeinsam benutzt werden. Teleskope werden stets sauber gehalten, sind aber dennoch Gemeinschaftsgeräte. Daher werden Masken bei unseren Aktivitäten weiterhin obligatorisch sein.



We have finished our health protocol to minimize the effects of
covid-19 and a contingency plan that allows us to carry out our
astrotourism activities safely and without losing the MAGIC!
The recommendations to clients are simple and we show them in the
following own infographics. Also below we include a summary of
the changes implemented and recommendations to be followed.

  • we have made changes in our activities to guarantee health & safety,
  • we have reduced capacity,
  • we have increased the cleaning of shared equipment,
  • we facilitate the use of hydroalcolic gel,
  • we rotate telescopes and quarantine them,
  • children under 6 years old may only participate in private activities to minimise risks,
  • we will use red lights
  • All participants and guides must wear a mask at all times that they must bring with them.

The summarized health & safety protocol is shown as follows and is in accordance with the recommendations of the Spanish Ministry of Health: safety distance, hygiene measures, etc:

Infography of recomendations on covid19
Infography of recomendacions on covid-19

Before carrying out the activity we will ensure that customers
have read and understand the health & safety protocol. Likewise,
clients must sign a declaration of conformity, in which they declare that they have been duly informed, and that they know the risks involved in the current pandemic
situation, participating in a group activity that implies the use
of shared equipment (although previously disinfected). Clients declare to have read the summary of the health safety protocol and recommendations.

  • They declare that they do not have any symptoms or suspicion of
  • They declare that they are in the necessary psychophysical conditions for the practice of the activities in which they are enrolled.
  • They declare to be aware of the measures to be adopted to reduce the probability of contagion according to the protocol.
  • They declare their commitment to follow the guidelines and recommendations of AstroLaPalma and the health authorities.

If any client requires a complete copy of the declaration of conformity to read calmly from home, please request it. We will send it to you via email.

Distintivo ‘Responsible Tourism’
Distintivo ‘Responsible Tourism’, Gobierno de España